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The aim of this website is to invite its’ visitors to think of a new Universe model. For some time now, I have believed in a general Universe model in which it is absolutely necessary to know what information we seek, and where to find it. Without a model, the search is a ‘blind journey’, full of partial explanations, ambiguous and disjointed thoughts, and limited to only one aspect of Physics.

But finding that “Model" is extremely difficult. Through many failed "models", the 'Universe of Decisions' has remained in my mind and given me one satisfaction after another in the process. By means of this Model, it is easy to explain many current mysteries such as the duality of light, the origin of both general, and special relativity, the forces of nuclear union, and the features of quarks. It also allows us to explain why there is not much anti-matter left in the Universe. The coincidences between the Universe of the Decisions and the Super Strings Theory are many, but it has the vantage to help to understand this theory better.

But I find my ability as a theoretical physicist already limited. In most cases, I can go no further than pure conceptual reasoning. That is why I invite you to study the suggestions in this model and to collaborate in its’ development. The forum, and the way of presenting the suggestions will be useful.

My thanks to all of you...and I urge you to have fun thinking!

Norberto Navarro
Enelacas's Chief Consultant (and 40 more companys around the world) with rubber and EVA technology

Phisical Universe Model to the Emotions world, the Intelligence and the Memory, from the same author. An expansion of the Universe of Decisions

Author's Note translation by Brian Biccum

English Version by Carla Baroncini

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