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The most interesting thing comes across when defining the volume of an i unit.
In our Universe of Decisions (UD) in order to set a volume we'll have to talk about temporal instant when that volume has to be settled. As time is quantified in @ units, an instant in our UD will be @, characteristic for each type of possible decision.
As in that gap @ only one decision can be made (a, b, c for @) and it'll only be possible an increase in one of the three orientations of our coordinate axis and the increase in the other two orientations will be zero.
Therefore, in an @ instant the volume of an i unit should be always zero.
But the i units have as a feature a & time when a decision is made. So,

Time & of each i unit will settle its volume in our Universe of Decisions and will be a basic feature of each one of the possible i units.

That & time generates positions between the quantified points in our coordinate axis and at the same time generates the idea of characteristic volume of i particles and of the bodies constituted by i units.

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