The Universe that Physics study as real nowadays seems like a part of that Universe of Decisions and its Laws can be deduced as a consequence of causes which generate effects and not as postulates. The study of the Universe of Decisions should take us much further than where we can reach at this point.

The fact that we are only capable of detecting just one time pattern in the Real Universe seems to indicate that only one type of decision are made in it, although we could also relate the gravity phenomenon to a second type of decisions and in that case the space-time deformations we can find would simply be a consequence of the interference of two different time systems generated by two decisions with @ constant and different &.

To associate the Real Universe with a Universe of Decisions with just one type of possible decision is one of my current tasks.

In that case, we would have different fundamental particles, types T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6 and T7 making just one type of decisions they generate the entire electric phenomenon in our Real Universe.
The gravity phenomenon shows up as a consequence of the continuity time-space, that should be deduced after apply the equations of the General relativity to the Universe of Decisions, or as a consequence of times & much higher than @. Therefore, they should be equivalents.

n the case of associating it to two classes of decisions, a decision would be characteristic of the energy in anyone of its forms and another one of the energy in exclusive way of fundamental particle. In fact this second option would harm of some way the basic definitions of the Universe of the Decisions and would give rise to multitude of paradoxes. For that reason I have it in a second place in my work.

But that´s much more.
Studying with pure logic the Universe of the Decisions, I hope that much better minds than mine are able to decipher the principles of the Life and Intelligence.