Basic questions to develop:

The answers to these questions will be forming the connections of the Universe of Decisions with the Real Universe. Qualitatively, many of the answers are obvious, but the quantitative development will take enough time.

What value would have the energy in rest of a single decision "a"?(Abstracting that can be spoken of rest of a decision)
Why a proton must have a more mass than the electron?
Why a positron is unstable?
Why quarcks cannot exist separately?
Why quarcks has 6 components that define them?
It is necessary to define the concept of " identity " of a particle. Why?
How it should organize the energy in a particle so that it can make a decision? Define material.
To that type of particles of the Universe of Decisions you'd named an electron, a positron, a lepton and a quarck?
Why the light has dual character?

And beyond any thing, continuous imagining...

Define Life.
Define Intelligence.
Define Rational Intelligence